HY10 terminal has designed to enable designing multifunctional load cell scales operating in industry, and to cooperate with RADAWAG high-resolution platforms and weighing modules. The terminal’s housing and base are both made of stainless steel.
    High IP rating and stainless steel allow operation in challenging working conditions (high humidity, dustiness). These two characteristics make terminal meet high hygiene standards for food and pharmaceutical industries.
    10.1” color display of 1024x600 pixel resolution
    with a capacitive touchscreen
    You can set the HY10 Parameters remotely using, Parameters Editor software. Customized screen layout, extensive functionality Customized screen layout, extensive functionality

  • Standard design:
    RS232, USB, Ethernet, IN / OUT
  • Optional design:
    PROFIBUS, extra IN / OUT, RS232.


    Terminal PUE 7.1 series designed for extension of industrial scales. PUE 71 features 5.7” colorful graphic touch screen display and membrane keypad. Two proximity sensors with programmable functionality offer hands-free operation. PUE 7.1 enables plugging a set of peripherals, including barcode scanners, receipt and label printers, transponder card readers and typical PC equipment (keyboard, mouse etc.). The terminal supports 1 weighing platform in standard version
    Communication interface 2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, 4Inputs/4Outputs (digital), Optional Wireless Connection

  • Operating system: Windows CE 7
  • Memory: RAM 256 MB
  • Processor:2×1 GHz
  • Power supply:10 – 28 VDC
  • Power consumption: ax. 1 A
  • Operating temperature:-10 ÷ +40 °C
  • Atmospheric humidity:10÷85% RH no condensation


  • Functions of an indicator PUE C/31H series:
  • measuring units: [g], [kg], [N], [ct], [lb];
  • tarring in whole measuring range;
  • automatic tare, tare memory;
  • parts counting with equal part mass;
  • +/- control of mass with set standard;
  • percent setup with set standard;
  • averaging of weighing result, digital filter;
  • control of power supply from batteries;
  • scale timer switch off;
  • adjustable backlight on powering by batteries;
  • adjustable baud rate between 1200-38400 bit/s;
  • continuous data transmission through RS 232;
  • manual or automatic mode for RS 232;
  • weighing loads with switched off auto zero function;
  • measurement of maximum force or maximum mass placed on weighing pan;
  • measurement of force influencing the weighing pan (in Newton’s);
  • start mass control;
  • slot for connecting an additional LCD display;
  • Totalizing mode.
  • The indicator PUE C31 series enables designing printouts according to individual needs.

Radwag Platform Scales

    Platform scales WPT series designed for direct trade. It is used wherever fast and precise determination of net weight is required. The WPT series features an indicator PUE C/31 series comprising backlit LCD display. WPT scales are manufactured using powder coated mild steel profiles, with stainless steel weighing platform.

Radwag Waterproof Platform Scale

    Waterproof platform scales are designed to operate in humid conditions and direct contact with water. The WPT/H series features LCD display and stainless steel weighing platform. All the elements of scales construction are made of stainless steel OH18N9.
    The indicator PUE C/31H series is installed on a pillar. Optionally, the head is installed on a cable for hanging it on a wall.

Radwag Compact Scale

  • WLC 30R
  • Maximum capacity [Max]: 30kg
  • Readability [d]: 0,5g
  • WLC series balance designed for fast and precise mass determination of weighed loads in laboratory and industrial conditions. It can easily use in areas with no access to mains (230V), as it comes standard with an internal rechargeable accumulator and RS 232 output. The WLC series is equipped with stainless steel weighing platform and backlit LCD display allowing for clear and legible presentation of a measurement result.

  • WLC 60R
  • Maximum capacity [Max]: 60kg
  • Readability [d]: 1g

CAS PB Portable Bench

    Light and easy portability so it can be carried anywhere conveniently The use of large LED allows you to check the measurements clearly and vividly The carrier design can be customized Design can be used Usage environments and purpose portable measurements such as parcels and baggage’s meat processing and packaging companies agriculture, fisheries market, dried fisheries, medicine measurements- household and commercial Light and easy providing convenient portability convenient for night use by using backlight function can be use for 300 hours continuously outside direction of display unit ca be change hold function ,auto power off function various CAPA selection function sold design

CAS Platform Scale

    CAS HD High Resolution Platform Scale High Resolution industrial weighing scale with large platform. Weighing & Basic Counting function. Additional features such as Tare, Percentage, and Check-Weighing function (HI/OK/LO). AC & Rechargeable Battery.
    CAS HD is an advanced platform scale with high resolution and various functions. It is suitable for use in parts production, paint industry and logistics center. It can be connected to various printers for data collection and offer great mobility with its rechargeable battery
    Large weighing platform Functions: Counting, Tare, Percentage & Check-Weighing function (HI/OK/LO).