Adler ATS Series

    Rugged precision balance suitable for different purposes. The removable stainless steel pan allows cleaning easily and powered by battery or AC power. This versatile scale has a large Red LED display for easy viewing, simple 6-button operation and an optional RS232 interface for connecting to a printer.

Adler AD Series

    AD Series has-been designed to perfectly adapt to your environment and use in any harsh conditions. It offers the main weighing applications with simple ergonomics. Its modular presentation enables it to be located easily. And with overload protection patent design for load cell.

Adler AWP Series

    Waterproof tabletop scale with large weighing range up to 30kg. Protected by stainless steel and IP65 specially equipped to protect against moisture / wet conditions. Ideal to use for food preparation, processing and portioning application.

Adler AWP Platform Series

    Sturdy and durable high-grade stainless steel waterproof platform scale best to use in moist / wet working condition

Adler ATPS Series

    Precision scale with accurate weighing. Ideal for use in laboratory/office/inventory and industrial applications; this portable scale can be powered by battery or by electric power supply with an optional RS-232 port enable us data transfer and printing.

Adler AP Series

    AP Series mostly used in laboratories, production, quality controls, jewelry etc. Some important aspects of the AP Series are both their design consisting on a flat surface and also they are very easy to use.

Adler Weighbridges

    Weighbridges will be manufacture / modify according to the customer requirements and requests. A heavy duty weighbridge comprises of selected high quality steel prefabricated modules, bolted together to form complete platform with up to 100 Ton with complete software, commissioning and installation.